#5MinuteFiction – Week 50


“It’s not Tuesday.” Gary said sitting in the garden cafe sipping his latte.

“Yes, it’s right here on my calendar, Tuesday, July 15th.” Liz was poking at her blackberry with a stylus.

“It can’t be Tuesday, I have a hair appointment.” The waiter brought Liz her salad wrap and Gary a hamburger. It seemed out of place with the smells of tulips and greens flooding the patio.

“For a fag you sure eat like crap.” Liz said watching Gary dip a greasy french fry into a pool of ketchup.

He gently wiped his face with a serviette and finished his mouthful, “Well if you’d go to the gym once in a while you could eat what you want and not worry about your hips.”

She kept chewing and raised her middle finger to him.

“I just can’t do Tuesday, you know I have such a crush on Steffan.”

“Screw Steffan,” she paused to lick a piece of lettuce from her teeth just long enough for him to cut in.

“That’s the idea.” He smirked, she gave him her patented finger wave again.

“Come on, you can get your haircut any day, I only have one best friend to show my wedding dress to.” He shrugged. Why not? He may as well see the wedding dress. He had to enjoy her friendship as long as he could, wasn’t going to be much friendship left after he reveals his affair with the future groom.

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