#5MinuteFiction – Week 53


On the porch there were pomegranate seeds and paint thinner, and upstairs there was a girl. Wyatt had stopped by the old house everyday since Melanie had moved in. She was attempting a rather large project in restoring the old porch on the pre-war mansion. The layers of different coloured paint was like a anthropological timeline of the history of southern Florida, or in laymen’s terms it looked like a half melted Gobstopper.

Wyatt knew what Melanie had been going through, the divorce in New York, the death of her father and having to return home to care for her sick mom and try to pick up the peices of her life. Wyatt wanted to help. He started by picking up the peices of the broken bowl and cleaning up the juice of the Pomegranite seeds that had been crushed against the pillar, then he went to work, revealing more and more history as the paint thinner peelled back time. Maybe he could turn back time too, back to when things were less complicated and him and Melanie used to walk down the dirt drive to school holding hands.

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