#HumpdayChallenge Week 1

Cocoa sipped the thick red liquid. “A little spicy Vin.”
“I thought you liked your Bloody Marys that way.”
“You’re an ass. Is her name even Mary?”
“Well Bloody Kathryn just doesn’t have the same ring.”
They clinked their glasses. “To the blood of Merry Kathryn.”
“It’s not very warm” He complained.
“Frigid, like your heart.”
“Now who’s the ass?” He gulped down the unagreeably tempered drink. “More?”
“Yes, before she can recover”
“True we wouldn’t want her to awaken before dessert.” He pulled back Kathryn’s collar and refilled.
“What’s for Dessert?”
“Chocolate.” Vintila winked at Kathryn, Kathryn winked back.

Category Winner: Best Dialogue

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