#5MinuteFiction – Week 71

The Neighbour

She knew her neighbour was Greek, she had been told that was why she had all the statues.  It was one thing to have a bird bath or perhaps a small sculpture in your garden, but it was another thing to have a small army throughout your yard.  She would have complained to the community association but they all seemed to be afraid of her. Maybe it was the stone statues she had guarding her door.  Although not carbon copies of each other, each had a menacing body guard or cop look.

Most of the people in this neighbourhood had at least a touch of class, not a pink flamingo or garden gnome to be seen, considering it was southFloridathat was pretty impressive.

She looked out of her window and spotted a new statue, one that kind of looked like the postman.  She had had enough, it was time to have a little face-to-face with this gaudy woman.

Cybil marched past the new figurine, she barely noticed the parcel he was holding was marked:


She rang the doorbell several times and waited.  “Go away, I am not to be seen!”  A voice said from inside.

Cybil was not going to be turned away.  “Come and face me, I need to talk to you about the state of your yard!”

A series of clicks and the door opened.

“So the last person that lived here, what happened to them?”  He asked the realitor.

“The neighbours said they were tired of all of the lawn ornaments.”  She said.

“Well I find them quite charming.”  The wife of the prospective buyer replied.  “Especially this one.”  A middle aged stone figure stared at her.  “I just wish she’d be turned away a little.”

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