04-Daddy Got out of Jail Today

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My Daddy went to prison
When I was five years old
Don’t remember much about him
But I’ve been told
That he was a rounder, a scoundrel and a thief
But mamma still loved him of this I believe

We didn’t go and see him
After a time
Didn’t write him no letters
Or drop him a dime
Mamma said it was all for the best
But at night I’d see her crying holdin’ her wedding dress

Don’t wanna break my Daddy’s heart
When he gets outta jail today
I don’t want to see him fall apart
When I tell him his bride’s gone away

My Mamma passed
Two weeks ago
And I had to clean-up
The ol’ family home
Found a box of letters never sent
Dog-eared and tattered and tied with a bow

When I meet him at the gate
He looked old and tired and frail
Twenty-five years had come between us
And we didn’t know what to say
With shaky hands I handed him the notes
The one on top was the last thing mamma wrote

Dear John I still love you
My heart it aches so
We all make mistakes now and then
Of this we both know
It’s too late for me to fix
The wrongs that I’ve done
But John do right for yourself now please
Your new life’s just begun.

I Didn’t wanna break my Daddy’s heart
When he got outta jail today
I had to watch him fall apart
On this his first free day
When he found out Momma still loved him
Right up to her dyin’ day

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