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55 Word Challenge Week Forty-Three

Lost Teddy Bear Image by George HodanBearly Coping
I’m beary scared. I’m beary lost. I’m beary lonely.
Why am I here face down on this cold, wet road?
Do you not love me anymore? Am I not worth crying for?
I’m beary sad. I’m beary tired. I’m beary hurt.
Come back. I’ll soften the sad times and soak up your tears.

For  @jezri1‘s 55 Word Challenge

55 Word Challenge Week Forty-Two


Something didn’t smell right.  It wasn’t that there was a bad smell; there was no smell at all.  2:17am and eerily dark.  Only the moon shone.  The hue of lights from the refinery was gone.  I opened my window; nothing.  I’d lived in this town for forty-eight years and never once has it gone dark.