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#5MinuteFiction – Week 56

He was acutely aware of his thoughts. He was even aware that he was aware. He couldn’t remember when it had happened, it felt like he had always been able to think but he had very few thoughts that he could remember. He was certain that he had been around for a long time but in the same instance had no concept of time. The oldest memory he had was of the observation of his first memory, which was a memory of recolection. The last memory he had was of recalling that he was having thoughts. He needed to move on from this conundrum and think beyond thoughts.

He envisioned what created his thoughts. He saw it as a lump of —what was a lump?— sludge —what is sludge?— that pulsed and grew. He allowed this sludge to enlarge and explore. There was a tingle in a new part of his brain. It sent a spasm and he shook. He felt warm liquid —what is arm? what is liquid?— around him and he shook again.

Now he had more things in his sludge. He remembered something else. Thinking too much made him tired.

“Did you feel that honey?”
He put his hand on his wifes expanding tummy and felt, but nothing happened. “No, sorry”
“Just wait, I bet it will happen again.” He fell asleep waiting.