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#HumpdayChallenge Week 15

Miss Fortune
“You are a Gringo no?” The fortune teller was passing herself off as Romanian but she was obviously Mexican. This only added to my scepticism of her omnipotence.
“Si.” I responded flippantly.
She turned the first card, an old man carrying a lantern. “The Hermit. I see you have been isolated but will return to civilization.”
True, I was alone now. Hardly voodoo.
She flipped over more.
“Oh, this one is alarming.” It was a man hanging upside down. “You may gain knowledge of the future, only to die suddenly.”
“What a crock,” I said and swiped my money from the table to return to the deray that was the marketplace.
The Ro-Maxican witch stood up. “Beware!” She shouted.
I shouldn’t have ignored the rest of what she said.