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#5MinuteFiction – Week 54

The Last Dragon

His trek was long and arduos, he had sailed south from Chile and was now entering the icy water of the antarctic. Iceburgs were getting larger and more frequent but still he pressed. The ancient family herloom grew colder in his grasp. It was a scale, his grandfather had sworn it had magical powers, Yentl knew better, he had seen paintings of scales like this, it was a dragon scale.

Each hour the artifact grew more active. A layer of frost formed around it on the helm of the ship, then a loud crack. The wood splintered in the extreme cold and the scale fell through. Yentle grabbed it before it burned icily through the deck and it bonded instantly to his hand. Instead of pain he felt instant power. His own breath blew small shards of ice, his heart slowed, his blood thickened. He knew where he must go.

Within a few days he finally reached land, he knew somewhere burried under the thousands of feet of ice was the last remaining dragon, and he was going to be it’s master.

#5MinuteFiction – Week 47

Red Dragon

And there he sat.

It was his way, his family’s way, hoarding and stealing. He was a dragon after all and that was what dragons did. “Greedy little buggers”, so all of the old folks said. “rather steal your watch than eat your baby.”

He didn’t want to be like that. It wasn’t like he could use his gold to buy a Bently. Couldn’t even fit into the damn thing, besides everytime he got pissed off in traffic he’d melt the bloody thing.

So there he sat.

Rich with nothing to buy. Perhaps a house. Could you imagine, a bright Red Dragon out mowing his lawn on a Saturday morning.

“Hello Fred.” He’d say to his neighbour.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Would scream his neighbour running for cover.


So there he sat. He reached over and took a nibble of goat he had grabbed earlier and let out a flaming fart melting the loot below him into a dragon butt shaped gold chair.

All of a sudden he was inspired. I will become a sculpter.