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#HumpdayChallenge Week 20

Desires of the Flesh

Moonlight glistened from the beads of water dripping from her naked body as she lay on the stone.  I could not help but take pause.  A fog engulfed my being; lost in her malevolent beauty.

“You need her.”  It said, “You must have her,” it insisted.

I stepped into the night, enraptured by the possibilities of her flesh.

“You’ve come.”  She said.

“Yes.”  I responded.  Was I not there of my own volition?

She turned to me, eyes blazing with desire.

Too late I found this appetite for my flesh to be, both a deep lust, and a true hunger.

Tuesday Tales – Challenge 12

Love and Blood

She entered my bed, naked, cold; her touches brought a wave of goose-pimples across my body.  My heat made her feel alive, she said.  Her preternatural touch reminded me that I was.

Her lips were one of the few places which held heat.  They met with mine, gently at first, then forcefully as I explored her other warm places.  Our bodies melded, writhing.  Gently, she bit me, seeking nourishment from my climaxing soul, I could no longer hold back.

We melted apart under the covers, satisfied from receiving what we so desperately needed; love… and blood.

#5MinuteFiction – Week 65

The Sister

When the ten gods of the Kingdom of Rezzia went to war with the mystics of the lands of Pawelon, neither side could gain any advantage until the sun and moon melted bringing the world into brief darkness.

No one knew of this except two sisters, Ravitha and Ryline, twins. Each had been swept away in different directions during the war and grew as one would expect of a demi-god within their own worlds.

Ravitha was filled with the wisdoms of light and peice where as Ryline learned of the darkness of power and the control of many. Neither shared their secrets but instead waited until the dusk of the eclipse to plan their moves.

The sparks of swords and fires from the castles were taking over the role of the sun when the two raven haired witch gods stepped from the shadows.

“Sister,” Rayitha said.
“Sister,” the other nodded back. “It is time.”

They had never spoken aloud before but each knew the other through shared thoughts and visions. The took each others hand and stared skyward. The last focused glint of sunlight blinked from behind the moon and the field of battle went dark, there was no sound. A fog engulfed the battlers, the fires went out and peace came. When the sun returned the scene was not what it was before. The fields, once filled with blood now bore wheat and grains, farmers pushed heavily on plows and prodded oxen and mules to help them with their loads. Children danced on the roads and ran through the crops.

“Thank you sister,” Ryline said, then smiled but a glint in her eye set Rayitha in a state of unease. Suddenly, their link was lost. Rayitha watched her sister stroll away, black cape billowing in the breeze. She must know the truth.

#HumpdayChallenge Week 13

…and they shall call me Tracey 
An ebony carriage sprinted through town; the rhythmic pounding of hooves on cobblestone announced her coming. She had much to do. These so called Christians were nothing more than trollops and scoundrels awaiting the key to unlock their debaucherous souls. She held those keys. They may all be blinded by His light but the glitter of cheap booze, easy money and fast woman will easily turn them to Her and that is all she will need.