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55 Word Challenge Week Forty-Two


Something didn’t smell right.  It wasn’t that there was a bad smell; there was no smell at all.  2:17am and eerily dark.  Only the moon shone.  The hue of lights from the refinery was gone.  I opened my window; nothing.  I’d lived in this town for forty-eight years and never once has it gone dark.

Tuesday Tales – Challenge 73

I’d never before been inside a church.

Perhaps the answers I seek lay within this ancient cathedral’s walls.  My chest tightens as I approach, the gothic doors open, inviting me in, but I cannot.  The threshold becomes like a birling log.  I step forward but do not move.  The carvings on the walls melt; the light shining through the stained glass change from brilliant hues of oranges and yellows to blood red, pooling across the floor.  Suddenly a man appears across the narthex.  “You are not welcome here.”  His voice, strained, barely reaches me.  “Go, he will find you here.”