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Flash Fiction Aficionado

I set up this blog just to have an easier time to access my friends who have word press blogs, then I thought to myself, why waste the space?  I do all of my blogging over at blogger and have three separate blogs there:

I’m a Writer, Really – General musings on writing and things related (or loosely related)

3 For Thursday – A Flash Fiction Challenge I host every Thursday from 11 – 1 eastern time

…and you can quote me – random funny thoughts and one liners I come up with from time to time (which reminds me, I really should add my latest Threadless Slogans there)

So, that lead me to wonder, what shall I do with this blog?

I have a page dedicated to all of my flash fiction stories on my other blog, but I haven’t been keeping it up to date, as a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve added any of my stories to it for months, so…

This blog is going to be dedicated to all of my flash fiction stories.

As a key part of this here are the contests I general submit to:




The #HumpdayChallenge

3 for Thursday (My Little Challenge)

So, over the next few days/Weeks I am going to post all of my flash fiction stories one by one, then try to keep them up to date for your enjoyment!

Thanks For Reading

D. Ryan Leask