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Menage Monday – Week 1 – Winner

Men Will Be Boys

They all knew how silly this was. It was Mark’s idea, he was the asshole of the bunch, always boasting about how he ‘wore the pants.’

“You’re a bunch of uxorious douche-bags.” They were sitting in Kyle’s garage drinking and bitching about their wives.

“I bet you a-holes don’t even know what that means.” Mark said smugly.

“I know what a douche-bag is; I’m looking at one right now.” Peter, Kyle’s next door neighbour, tossed his empty in the trash and eyed down Mark.

“Easy boys,” Kyle said, “I think what Mark said is that we’re all just a little pussy-whipped.”

“A little?” Mark laughed. “I bet Greg’s wearing his wife’s panties right now.

Greg, who had been sitting quietly, stood on his seat and dropped trou.

Everyone laughed except Mark. He was beyond Greg’s humour.

“Let’s raise the stakes a little then boys.” Mark said. “Prove you’re not a bunch of wife-whipped pussies. Let’s have us a little race, let’s see who’s pussy-mobile has the smallest vagina and the biggest balls.”

So here they were in their wives’ mini-vans praying to God that at least one of the wives would look up from her Martini and stop this lunacy.

Week 1