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#5MinuteFiction – Week 48


I don’t think that there is anyone in the world who displays his feelings quite like I do. It is some sort of physical abnormality that occured after the accident (Some fucking accident, 15 million people killed, three quarters of the worlds water supply contaminated and radio-active and countless survivors wishing for death over life). There was a small pocket of contaminated area that when mixed with the atmospheric conditions and sunlight concentration at the time led to very specific and “Super-Power-Like” mutations. Some could fly, some had super sonic speed, strength mind reading, you name it. What did I get? Colour changing and not the blend into the background type. My brother can toss a car 30 yards and all I get is an extra five minutes in the bathroom if my sister notices I’m purple (Horny), a wide birth when I’, red (angry), and a hug when I’m blue (yeah, real original).

Yeap my father is “Sonic” and I am “Moody”.